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There's total of 74 achievements in PC version of Kingmaker game, to get all of them you need to finish both main campaign and Varnhold's Lot campaign and to play Beneath The Stolen Lands in rogue-like mode.

Main campaign[ | ]

ACH assassins

Assassinating the Assassins[ | ]

You survived the night attack on Jamandi Aldori Mansion. What a nice way to start your adventure!

Gains automatically at the end of prologue chapter (quest The First Step on the Road to Glory).

ACH Slayer

Slayer of Bears[ | ]

In chapter 1, kill the bear in the Temple of the Elk with single level 2 character, playing on Advanced (Hard) difficulty or above.

You can get rid of monsters on location with your team, just don't approach stairs to the temple. Then return alone and kill the bear (Bear-like Treant in fact). Tristian's passive help doesn't prevent you from getting the achievement.

Kingdom gm fx The easiest way is to use Alchemist/Vivisectionist MC (Bear-like Treant has a lousy Touch AC). Buy Alchemist Bombs, buff with Expeditious Retreat and Targeted Bomb Admixture, throw and run (use Vanish potions if the bear is still too fast).
ACH WorshipMe

Worship Me![ | ]

Make mites, kobolds and goblins worship your statue or your garment as their greatest relic.

1. Visit Old Sycamore location during A Bitter Rival quest and choose to not take sides in the war between mites and kobolds (requires Neutral alignment), then reject to kill Warrior Queen Bdaah and Chief Sootscale.
2. Deal with Tartuccio in the Sycamore Hall, return to Warrior Queen Bdaah and Chief Sootscale and give them your gloves to worship instead of their relics (requires Chaotic alignment).
3. Accept Nok-Nok as a companion (as if you have a say in this!) during Season of Bloom and complete all his personal quests afterwards, including Hero, At Last!.

ACH NoCountryForBandits

No Country for Bandits[ | ]

Clear the Stolen lands from bandit gangs and defeat the self-proclaimed bandit king.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 1 (quest Stolen Land).

ACH Foundation

Foundation[ | ]

You founded a barony in a wild, dangerous land. Good luck with that!

Gains automatically at the beginning of chapter 2 (quest Troll Trouble).

ACH TaleOf

Tale Of Days Long Gone[ | ]

Collect all pieces of an ancient artifact and let the Storyteller reforge it for you.

Ask Storyteller to reforge the Necklace of Double Crosses as long as you have all 7 scorched fragments of a necklace. (Any other artifact will do too, of course.)

ACH Notwhatitseems

Not What It Seems[ | ]

Help the mysterious tiefling guest in her hunt for the ancient treasure.

Complete Sorrowflow quest for Kaessi.

ACH RoyalResque

Royal Rescue Service[ | ]

Find and save Tig, poor lost child.

Complete Lost Child quest by saving Tig.

ACH KnowWeakness

Know Their Weaknesses[ | ]

Kill Kargad with sunlight.

During A Score to Settle quest lure Kargadd under sunlit spot in the room southeast and wait for him to fail a save against petrification.

Kingdom gm fx To force him to move forward attack with one melee character, then run back for a short distance. Otherwise he'll just throw rocks.
ACH FireOrAcid

Fire. Or Acid[ | ]

Stop the troll invasion.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 2 (quest Troll Trouble).

ACH BirdOfPrey

Bird of Prey[ | ]

Win the main prize of the royal hunt fair and square, killing two magical beasts.

Complete An Amusement for the Nobles quest.


God of Poetry[ | ]

Help the goblins compose their warsong!

Complete illustrated book event at Lonely Mill location.

ACH Followers

Followers[ | ]

Recruit all available companions.

Nok-Nok is the last companion you have a chance to recruit (during chapter 3, Season of Bloom). Tartuk doesn't count.

ACH EnemyWithin

Enemy Within[ | ]

Solve the mystery and save your barony from an otherworldly threat.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 3 (quest Season of Bloom).


V for...[ | ]

Silence the voice of the lost empire.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 4 (quest The Lost Relic).

ACH Thetieflingtrio

The Tiefling Trio[ | ]

Kill the Soul Eater, saving all three Sweet Teeth.

Complete A Matter of Principle quest by saving all three younger tieflings.

ACH TwiceBorn

Twice-born, Twice-beaten[ | ]

Deal with the barbarian horde on your borders.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 5 (quest The Twice-Born Warlord).

ACH Hail

Hail to the King![ | ]

You are now the one and only ruler of your very own kingdom!

Complete Coronation quest.

ACH DealWithDevil

Deal with the Devil[ | ]

Win the favor of the Order of the Rack. Or of their enemy.

Surprisingly, complete Deal with the Devil quest.

ACH Goblin

Goblin Tears[ | ]

Make the goblin merchant cry real tears.

Complete Runaway Throne quest consistently choosing dialogue options to decline the throne and suggest goblin merchant should keep it instead.

ACH bloody

Bloody Squirrels![ | ]

Get the grimoire from one remarkable hermit mage.

During The Impatient Pirates of Pitax quest persuade Blakemoor to complete his grimoire.

ACH NeighborlyAffairs

Neighborly Affairs[ | ]

Deal with your fellow neighbor king and his appetite for your land.

Gains automatically at the end of chapter 6 (quest War of the River Kings).

ACH ThosePrecious

Those Precious Tales[ | ]

Gather all Storyteller's artifacts.

There's total of 7 artifacts in the game: Necklace of Double Crosses, Trailblazer's Helm, Forest Knight's Bracers, Ring of Reckless Courage, Cloak of Sold Souls, Tiger's Stripes and Star Soldier's Gauntlet.

ACH YetAnother

Yet Another Ancient Evil[ | ]

Find and defeat the secret threat, locked in a magical prison in The Stolen Lands.

Complete Magical Prison errand.

ACH ThePriceYouPay

The Price You Pay[ | ]

Find out the truth and eliminate the source of the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing the main campaign.

Complete Beneath the Stolen Lands quest in main campaign.

ACH camrades

Comrades-in-Arms[ | ]

Succeed in all available companion quests and win the loyalty of your comrades.
ACH InMyHeart

In My Heart[ | ]

Find your love.

Complete any romance.

ACH Friend

Friend of Many[ | ]

Succeed in three 'Kingdom as Companion' quests.

These are listed under "Factions" in Kingdom quests. You get 3 random quests depending on your kingdom's alignment per campaign.

ACH SeeYou

See You Yesterday![ | ]

Meet the legendary Eldest of Time three times. Or, rather, in three different times.

1 and 2. Complete Jubilost's personal quests (specifically The Price of Curiosity and The Door to Nowhere).
3. Visit Castle of Knives location.
In case you skipped Jubilost's personal quests you'll meet Shyka second time in the library in the dungeon of HATEOT, then third time during So Shall You Reap quest.

ACH TheWiseWay

The Wise Way[ | ]

Win the favor of the most mysterious mentor from the most mysterious monk order.

Complete The Secrets of Suramgamin quest.

ACH against

Against All Odds[ | ]

Travel to the mysterious realm of the fey and face your destiny.

Complete Against All Odds quest.

ACH TricksOfTime

Tricks of Time[ | ]

You've helped one certain Eldest to play a joke! They are grateful.

1. Complete The First Crown quest by giving the crown to Shyka.
2. Complete The Sound of a Thousand Screams (chapter 7) quest by letting Nyrissa go.

ACH Sinmarket

Sinmarket's Best Customer[ | ]

Make the fey merchant adore you.

Buy "THE BOOK OF INCREDIBLE AND SCANDALOUS PARSIMONY" (700,000 Coin) from merchant Issili in chapter 7, then "The Complete Collection of Useless Writings" (1,000,000 Coin) in chapter 8.

ACH patricide

Patricide[ | ]

Slay the Forefather.

Complete Equilibrium quest.

ACH Flaming

Flaming Crown[ | ]

Face and defeat the one final enemy.

Complete The Cursed King/Queen quest.

ACH SoShallYou

So Shall You Reap[ | ]

You've unlocked the special secret ending of the game!

Complete So Shall You Reap quest, then complete The Cursed King/Queen quest.

ACH TheStoryEnd

The Story's End[ | ]

Win the game!

Any ending counts.

ACH MoreChallenge

More Challenge, Please[ | ]

Win the game, playing on 'Challenging' difficulty or above.
ACH ForgedInBlood

Forged in Blood[ | ]

Win the game, playing on Unfair difficulty.
ACH IronKing

Iron King[ | ]

Win the game, playing on 'Last Azlanti' mode.
ACH FoesNoMore

Foes No More[ | ]

Turn three villains into your friends or servants.

Your options are:
1. Tartuk or Hargulka after final fight in Troll Trouble quest. Defeat whoever you prefer last and choose to retain Tartuk and his kobolds or Hargulka and his trolls as vassals (requires Chaotic alignment).
2. Vordakai after final fight in The Lost Relic quest. Spare him and make him your advisor (requires Evil alignment).
3. Armag after final fight in The Twice-Born Warlord quest. Let him live and fraternize with him (may require Chaotic alignment).
4. Nyrissa after final fight in The Sound of a Thousand Screams quest. Offer her an alliance (locks out Briar-related endings).

ACH TheGoodGuy

The Good Guy[ | ]

Make three special 'Good' story choices.
ACH Evil

Evil Is My Name[ | ]

Make three special 'Evil' story choices.
ACH InTheName

In The Name Of The Law[ | ]

Make three special 'Lawful' story choices.
ACH TheyCallMe

They Call Me Unpredictable[ | ]

Make three special 'Chaotic' story choices.
ACH TakingNoSides

Taking No Sides[ | ]

Make three special 'Neutral' story choices.
ACH Survivor

Survivor[ | ]

Live through 100 random attacks in the wild.
ACH ZenArcher

Zen Archer[ | ]

Inflict critical damage with a bow or crossbow while blinded.
Kingdom gm fx You'll get a lot of blinding effects fighting against fey. Also suitable for Tristian after Betrayer's Flight quest.
ACH NowYouFall

Now You Fall![ | ]

Knock down any creature that is 3 size categories larger than you.
Kingdom gm fx The easiest way is to cast Reduce Person on Jubilost and make him attack Large monsters (like Trolls or Cyclopes) with Force Bombs.
ACH NothingLeft

Nothing Left Behind[ | ]

Leave any map, carrying 5000 lbs. without being encumbered.

Party encumbrance must be Light.

ACH Metamagister

Metamagister[ | ]

Use in battle any spell with 5 metamagic modifications applied.
Kingdom gm fx Use rods and belts to add more modifications on-the-fly since no caster usually has all metamagic feats.
ACH OnePunch

One Punch[ | ]

Deal more than 150 damage with a single unarmed attack.
Kingdom gm fx Use Monk character (or mercenary) with high Strength, Power Attack and Improved Critical (Unarmed Strike) feats, Lead Blades buff (from wand), enlarged (preferably by Legendary Proportions) and wait for a crit. Alternatively, take the Vital Strike feat line to Greater Vital Strike.
ACH FirstResults

First Results[ | ]

Increase the rank of at least one kingdom stat.
ACH Useful

Useful Instruments[ | ]

Unlock all five additional kingdom stats and assign leaders to respective positions.

See Advisors.

ACH Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter[ | ]

Successfully solve 100 'problem' kingdom events.
ACH Opportunist

Opportunist[ | ]

Successfully solve 100 'opportunity' kingdom events.
ACH ProsperousKingdom

Prosperous Kingdom[ | ]

Raise all kingdom stats to the 10th rank.
ACH FirstInCollection

First in Collection[ | ]

Obtain an outstanding gift from one of your royal artisans.
ACH admirer

Admirer of Finer Things[ | ]

Gather masterpiece works from all ten royal artisans.
ACH conqueror

Conqueror[ | ]

Claim all available regions.

Pitax is the last (12th) region to add to your kingdom. You can not claim Thousand Voices.

ACH ProsperousConqueror

Prosperous Conqueror[ | ]

Claim all available regions and develop them to their maximum potential.

Upgrade all regions.

ACH Intensive

Intensive Development[ | ]

Explore the Stolen Lands and find all resource locations.

Varnhold's Lot campaign[ | ]

ACH AjobforaGeneral

A Job For A General[ | ]

Resolve the first crisis in Varnhold's history.

Complete Of Cows and Other Matters of Political Importance quest.

ACH AndTheMurdererIs

And The Murderer Is...[ | ]

Uncover the secrets of the Blackstones Ford inn.

Complete A Special Dish quest.

ACH Whosthere

Who's There?[ | ]

You knew it was coming, didn't you?

Deal with Mature Athach at the Lostlarn Keep (Upper Reaches) location.

ACH Thatsyourlot

That's Your Lot![ | ]

Complete the "Varnhold's Lot" DLC campaign.
ACH OnTheTrail

Lost And Found[ | ]

Visit Lostlarn Keep while playing the main story campaign.

1. Complete the Varnhold's Lot DLC campaign, then import your save file into main campaign when asked.
2. Complete The Lost Relic quest in main campaign by saving Maegar Varn.
3. Accept Heroes' Fate quest and visit Lostlarn Keep.

Kingdom gm fx Resolved in main campaign.
ACH Theroadgoeseveron

The Road Goes Ever On[ | ]

Unite Maegar Varn with his beloved.

1. Start the Varnhold's Lot DLC campaign as a female character and romance Maegar Varn.
2. Complete the Varnhold's Lot DLC campaign with "good" ending (accept the power to protect Varnhold), then import your save file into main campaign when asked.
3. Complete The Lost Relic quest in main campaign by saving Maegar Varn.
4. Complete Heroes' Fate quest.

Kingdom gm fx Resolved in main campaign.

Beneath The Stolen Lands (rogue-like mode)[ | ]

ACH AMemorableMoment

A Memorable Moment[ | ]

Die for the first time while playing 'Beneath The Stolen Lands' in a rogue-like mode.
ACH Descent

Descent[ | ]

Reach the 10th dungeon level Beneath The Stolen Lands.
Kingdom gm fx Should also work in main campaign.
ACH IntotheDarkness

Into the Darkness[ | ]

Reach the 30th dungeon level Beneath The Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.
ACH DepthsOfMadness

Depth Of Madness[ | ]

Reach the 50th dungeon level Beneath The Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.
ACH HonestLooting

Honest Looting[ | ]

Help the Honest Guy to expand his assortment of goods by cleaning the dungeon from the most dangerous monsters.

Kill several bosses or champions (a non-working portal (Crack in space) spawns after their death) to get new items in merchants inventory.

Kingdom gm fx Not necessarily in the single run.
ACH ApocalypseCanWait

Apocalypse Can Wait[ | ]

Find out the truth and eliminate the source of the threat Beneath The Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.

Kill the Spawn of Rovagug.