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Governing your realm will require one advisor for each stat. You may appoint your companions as well as some of the Stolen Lands citizens into these advisor positions. Each of the ten positions has at least three characters who are qualified to hold it. Not all of these characters will be willing to serve you right away — some of them will need to be convinced. Appointing others will require completing an assignment for them or rendering them some other service.

Every advisor acts on their own ideology. They have their own opinions on everything that happens in your domain. Therefore, you may want to select characters whose governance philosophy is consistent with your own.

Every advisor position is also affected by the statistics of the character in the slot. For instance, if you put Amiri in the General slot, she gets a bonus based on her Str to her advisor role. This allows you to give them items to boost their advisor stat specifically, and if you are not using the character you can put every 4th level's stat into boosting their advisor role.

Positions[ | ]

When you first win your barony, you will start with the first five of the ten possible advisor slots unlocked. These five will also initially handle one additional job, but will request you assign somebody else as you rank up your kingdom stats, beginning after you complete the "Season of Bloom" questline. (You do not have to complete the rank-up project to unlock the new advisor; you only need to raise the stat to the prerequisites for that rank.)

Civilization Stat Role Modifier Unlocks Characters
Community Regent Charisma automatic Valerie, Octavia, Lander Lebeda
Loyalty Councilor Wisdom automatic Tristian, Shandra Mervey, Tsanna
Military General Strength automatic Amiri, Regongar, Kassil Aldori
Economy Treasurer Intelligence automatic Jubilost, Kanerah, Bartholomew Delgado, Maegar Varn
Divine High Priest Wisdom automatic Harrim, Jhod Kavken, Tsanna
Relations Grand Diplomat Charisma Community III and 60 stat event Valerie, Linzi, Bartholomew Delgado
Stability Warden Constitution Military III and 60 stat event Regongar, Ekundayo, Kesten Garess
Arcane Magister Intelligence Divine III and 60 stat event Octavia, Storyteller, Vordakai
Culture Curator Charisma Loyalty III and 60 stat event Linzi, Jaethal, Storyteller
Espionage Minister Dexterity Relations III and 60 stat event Jaethal, Jubilost, Ekundayo

Strategy[ | ]

Every realm stat gains a bonus from a specific ability of the appointed advisor. The exact size of the bonus is indicated in the upper right corner of the advisor's card.

Only advisors may address the problems, opportunities, and sudden events that occur in your domain and require immediate attention. Don't leave these positions vacant!

Companion appointments[ | ]

Name Alignment Location Role One Role Two
Amiri Chaotic Neutral Prologue General N/A
Valerie Lawful Neutral Prologue Regent Diplomat
Harrim Chaotic Neutral Prologue High Priest N/A
Linzi Chaotic Good Prologue Diplomat Curator
Jaethal Neutral Evil Prologue Curator Minister
Regongar Chaotic Evil Technic League Encampment General Warden
Octavia Chaotic Good Technic League Encampment Regent Magister
Tristian Neutral Good Temple of the Elk Councilor N/A
Jubilost Chaotic Neutral A Ford Across the Skunk River Treasurer Minister
Ekundayo Lawful Good Ruined Watchtower Warden Minister
Kanerah Lawful Evil Sorrowflow Treasurer N/A

Special character appointments[ | ]

Alignments for Special characters aren't known. So these are best estimates based on the information on their cards and their actions. If you want to change an alignment please post in the discussion/talk your argument for that alignment so we can resolve contradictions.

Name Alignment Location Role One Role Two
Jhod Kavken Lawful Good Thorn Ford High Priest N/A
Kassil Aldori Lawful Neutral Coronation General N/A
Shandra Mervey True Neutral Coronation Councilor N/A
Lander Lebeda Chaotic Neutral Coronation Regent N/A
Bartholomew Delgado Lawful Evil Lone House Treasurer Diplomat
Kesten Garess Lawful Neutral Aldori's Banquet Hall Warden N/A
The Storyteller True Neutral Throne Room Curator Magister
Tsanna Chaotic Evil Shrine of Lamashtu High Priest Councilor
Vordakai Neutral Evil Vordakai's Tomb Magister N/A
Maegar Varn Chaotic Good Throne Room after Varnhold Treasurer N/A

All advisors by jobs[ | ]

Non-companions use predetermined modifier value, rather than attribute scores. The simplest example is Tsanna, she can take the position of Councilor and High Priest, both of those use Wisdom score, but completing her training projects rise the modifier of only one job.

  • The non-companion advisors rise their score by special training projects, they appear on Rank III, V, VII and IX for associated role. You do not get training projects retroactively (usually the case for Tsanna and Maegar Varn).

For companions and mercenary the bonus is based on their attribute modifier for that advisor role, which can be increased by equipment, however not all modifiers increase the advisor bonus. Also mercenary come with a -4 penalty to the modifier.

  • Modifiers that qualify for advisor score: Base value, Enhancement, Racial (including Dragon Disciple)
  • Modifiers that do NOT qualify for advisor score: Alchemical, Ability Drain, Circumstance, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Inherent, Luck, Morale, Other, Profane, Sacred, Size.

During RankUp Throne room events, advisors will ask you to make a decision on certain matters of a kingdom management. Making a decision they don't like rises their displeasure score, while doing something they like decreases that score. Once that score reaches 3 the advisor will leave his/her position and you won't be able to assign that character to this position anymore. Mercenaries can't leave their post, but they make the predetermined choice during those events which follows one of the advisors.

Some events have different outcomes depending on advisor's alignment. All mercenaries always count as True Neutral no matter what alignment they have.

Role Attribute Value Alignment Name Displeasure code
Regent CHA 14 Chaotic Good Octavia d92e437ee44c33b4592ffd9516a53c1b
15 Lawful Neutral Valerie 69b557fdc5864ed41b218203b1090235
[+3;+5] Chaotic Neutral Lander Lebeda 750a5c96957e5f94bb7fbaa5be90e803
Councilor WIS 17 Neutral Good Tristian c100de20b59b66a45bc15cee68590548
[+4;+8] True Neutral Shandra Mervey 4d260089c5209754f9e519ba53a222c5
[+5;+9] Chaotic Evil Tsanna 6c9800a7a86ae234fb1bb457cec1b426
General STR 16 Chaotic Neutral Amiri 6f5b823652149fa46a96e54e2cac66fb
19 Chaotic Evil Regongar 4ba8ebf306877e64b8d892279b21305d
[+4;+8] Lawful Neutral Kassil Aldori 4eff19710ddd7304fa0643efe66a8aa0
Treasurer INT 19 Chaotic Neutral Jubilost 4c3174043548f7141832841632d40e4f
16 Lawful Evil Kanerah 9760670518fb4034396ca6f5b95cdeee
[+3;+7] Lawful Evil Bartholomew Delgado 44b979c6f53ed97438484ad24d477ad2
[+2;+6] Chaotic Good Maegar Varn 86094a8371f9d55409336c55d5ae5f6a
High Priest WIS [+4;+8] Lawful Good Jhod Kavken 31f0154036b7bf6488f8c6e1c70227e5
18 Chaotic Neutral Harrim 02026bbcf7b59d74eaee008277bf12c0
[+5;+9] Chaotic Evil Tsanna 76579a12764d3fa459684d7c2fdb44d6
Grand Diplomat CHA 16 Chaotic Good Linzi fff2e5c281d474142bd84a0d39f03301
15 Lawful Neutral Valerie 8abfe5ba91f3e4f4c9c0374104eb6d23
[+2;+6] Lawful Evil Bartholomew Delgado 437b0c104e4e6df4486c34bcb0c5ab2c
Magister INT 19 Chaotic Good Octavia 32e63ef6647e9ce4288ec1198e3ae61b
[+5;+9] True Neutral The Storyteller 9c17d76ed4aabcd4983ef4d097da2a15
[+6;+10] Neutral Evil Vordakai 2f97ba22152e70e45a91372d9dd1a29c
Warden CON 14 Lawful Good Ekundayo 8a6f001c6b8261f4b9cb5c307fae7672
12 Chaotic Evil Regongar fc343145005f10749bc586145257754e
[+3;+7] Lawful Neutral Kesten Garess 02ac68bde012aaa41831e9fb61376740
Curator CHA 16 Chaotic Good Linzi 70ce267d508df954fb30d23211da315f
[+5;+9] True Neutral The Storyteller aab63ba9febbc544d8f3cae8896921a0
14 Neutral Evil Jaethal 4f123e3783d057346a96555e5f80eef7
Minister DEX 20 Lawful Good Ekundayo f0d7e7a0c87b7564ab45c88f654132e7
14 Chaotic Neutral Jubilost b23f039aa7f3658459c83cf0bc491525
14 Neutral Evil Jaethal 2f45e3a8e916fd34ab6579f96a723e03

Tips[ | ]

On the advisor cards there are hints towards their alignments if they "like to make a profit" they're usually "neutral" if they are "direct" this tends to mean "Chaotic" "Letter of the law" equals "lawful"

There is a dialog choice to eject or kill Tsanna. If you chose to forgive her, you gain her as an advisor; all other options make her unavailable.

During the coronation, you choose one of the three emissaries to be an advisor, Kassil Aldori, Shandra Mervey, or Lander Lebeda. This choice is exclusive, so you can't get the two you didn't choose.

If you do not plan to use certain companions in combat, but focus them on advisor duty then you can improve their performance those ways:

Character Role Modifier Leveling Items
Amiri (Max +11)
Regongar (Max +12)
Mercenary (Max +9)
General Strength +STR every 4th level
Dragon Disciple Level 4
+2 ability: Stat Belt
+4 ability: Stat Belt, Manticore's Claws, Power Stone
+6 ability: Stat Belt, Korgath's Shackled Fury (Lawful Merc only), Ultimate Grip
+8 ability: Belt of Physical Perfection +8, Onslaught, Star Soldier's Gauntlet
Ekundayo (Max +10)
Jaethal (Max +8)
Jubilost (Max +7)
Mercenary (Max +7)
Minister Dexterity +DEX every 4th level +2 ability: Stat Belt, Whirlwind
+4 ability: Stat Belt, Beholder of Wind, Lightning Belt, Steady Hand, Stubborn Head
+6 ability: Stat Belt, Gentle Persuasion, Lightest Touch, Sash of Slash
+8 ability: Belt of Physical Perfection +8, Dragonfly Ring
Ekundayo (Max +8)
Regongar (Max +8)
Mercenary (Max +8)
Warden Constitution +CON every 4th level
Dragon Disciple Level 6
+2 ability: Stat Belt, Cord of Stubborn Fury
+4 ability: Stat Belt, Extraplanar Cloak, Greater Infernal Cord, Hermit's Rope, Plate of the Beast, Sure Step, Ultimate Grip, Wild Guardian
+6 ability: Stat Belt, Charm of the Deep Waters, Life Veil
+8 ability: Belt of Physical Perfection +8, Conqueror Wurm
Jubilost (Max +11)
Kanerah (Max +9)
Mercenary (Max +8)
Treasurer Intelligence +INT every 4th level
Dragon Disciple Level 8
+2 ability: Headband of Vast Intelligence +2
+4 ability: Dark Acolyte's Robe, Eel's Circlet, Headband of Mental Perfection +4, Headband of Vast Intelligence +4, Herbalist's Cape, Philosopher's Hat
Octavia (Max +11)
Mercenary (Max +8)
Magister +6 ability: Crown, Della Fiorni Crest, Envy of the Master, Headband of Mental Perfection +6, Headband of Vast Intelligence +6, Red Dragonscale Helmet
+8 ability: Dark Master's Robe, Hat of Mental Perfection
Tristian (Max +9)
Mercenary (Max +7)
Councilor Wisdom +WIS every 4th level +2 ability: Blessed Path, Crusader's Mithral Full Plate(+3), Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
+4 ability: Envy of the Master, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4, Headband of Mental Perfection +4, Hermit's Rope, Judgemental Gaze, Philosopher's Hat
Harrim (Max +10)
Mercenary (Max +7)
High Priest +6 ability: Brightest Darkness, Crown, Dark Revelation, Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6, Headband of Mental Perfection +6, Helmet of the Dusk, Metal Reborn
+8 ability: Hat of Mental Perfection
Octavia (Max +8)
Valerie (Max +8)
Mercenary (Max +7)
Regent Charisma +CHA every 4th level +2 ability: Blessed Path, Flamboyant Hat, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Thaumaturgist's Cloak
+4 ability: Dark Acolyte's Robe, Golden Thread, Headband of Alluring Charisma +4, Headband of Mental Perfection +4, Lightning Belt, Philosopher's Hat, Ring of Reckless Courage**
Linzi (Max +9)
Valerie (Max +8)
Mercenary (Max +7)
Grand Diplomat
+6 ability: Brightest Darkness, Crown, Della Fiorni Crest, Headband of Alluring Charisma +4, Headband of Mental Perfection +6, Metal Reborn, Oppressor, Royal Gloves of Valor
Linzi (Max +9)
Jaethal (Max +8)
Mercenary (Max +7)
+8 ability: Dark Master's Robe, Hat of Mental Perfection, Strigoi's Embrace

Bug icon Ring of Reckless Courage does not improve advisor modifier, despite being enhancement bonus. (Last Version:2.1.7b)