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An artisan is a special character who can craft equipment for you, from tough armor and powerful weapons to magic jewelry and scrolls. Every artisan you meet will ask you for a favor. As soon as you fulfill the request, a workshop blueprint will appear in the settlement. An artisan with a workshop receives payment from the treasury and crafts weapons or armor for you either at your request or of their own accord.

You will find one in certain regions of the Stolen Lands. Some of them arrive to you on their own, and others can be found in settlements. Each artisan you hire will eventually request your help in creating a special item. Complete their special quest to unlock a masterpiece, an extraordinary piece of gear. The artisan will inform you that they're prepared to start working on a masterpiece and ask you to stop placing specific orders in the meantime.

The Kingmaker community has compiled a complete overview of artisan rewards and their stats.

Gameplay[ | ]

After an Artisan's building has been built in their respective region, artisans will appear in the throne room regularly to begin the production of a random item. Artisans won't work if their building has not been built, or they have an unsolved kingdom event. The quality of an item an artisan produces is linked to the tier level that as been unlocked, with artisans randomly producing items from the current tier level, and up to two tiers lower. The tier levels range from 0 to 5, there are several artisan-specific actions that can rise one's tier, but you start on tier 0 if you only have an Artisan Shop. Even though some artisans have more than five actions to rise their Tier, the 5 is a maximum.

If you request an item of a specific type, the chances of receiving an item from each tier is:

Tier Chance
Current Tier 10%
Current Tier - 1 70%
Current Tier - 2 20%

If you don't request an item of a specific type, the chances of receiving an item from each tier is:

Tier Chance
Current Tier 30%
Current Tier - 1 45%
Current Tier - 2 25%

Note that if you request a specific item type, you will only get one of a predetermined set of items, listed in the below tables, not any item of that type made by that artisan. For example, if you ask Dragn to make you a warhammer, there is no chance of you getting the Preacher's Warhammer, even though it is a warhammer that Dragn can make. You can only get the Preacher's Warhammer if you ask for a Dwarven style item or if you do not request a specific item type.

There is a chance for artisans to ignore specific requests. After the dialogue involving the request, the production queue (hidden/not visible in-game) may be empty. In these situations, it will automatically fill-up the next day and the production queue will generate any random item within the scope on unlocked tiers.

Item production times range from between 63 and 112 days, except for the first item an artisan ever produces, which ranges from 22 to 45 days.

Masterpiece items must be unlocked before there is a chance Artisans will start working on them. To unlock masterpiece items, you must:

  • Successfully complete the Artisan's associated quests.
  • Have built their Artisan Shop in their associated settlement (Upgrading is not required).
  • Rise artisan Tier to 5 or above, by performing associated Tier rising actions.

Once a masterpiece has been unlocked to work on, there is a 33% * (1 + TurnsWithoutMasterpieces) chance that an artisan will start working on their masterpiece. If a specific item type is requested, the artisan will not attempt to create a masterpiece or increase the masterpiece chance for that attempt. Masterpiece items take 180 days to produce.

In addition, at certain kingdom stat benchmarks, some artisans will offer a gift. This is typically chosen from their tier 3 list the first time and their tier 5 list the second.

Alchemist[ | ]

Artisan: Bokken

Region: Outskirts

Unlock: Complete the quest The Court Alchemist, which Jhod Kavken gives after annexing the Outskirts.

Quest: An Ancient Formula

Masterpiece: Elixir of Inconceivable Transmutations of Body, and Soul, and Also Mind

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Alchemical Item Oil Potion
0 Acerbic Ring Oil of Enhancement II Receive all three:
1 Acid Oil Receive both:
2 Mad Scientist's Gloves Potion of Barkskin (Bokken)
Potion of Displacement (Bokken)
3 Bombardier's Utility Belt Oil of Unholiness Potion of Shield of Faith (Bokken)
4 Alkaline Mace Oil of Bane Everything Potion of Heroism, Greater
5 Explosion Ring Oil of Extreme Frost Potion of Protection from Spells
Masterpiece Elixir of Inconceivable Transmutations of Body, and Soul, and Also Mind

Armorsmith[ | ]

Artisan: Dragn

Region: South Narlmarches

Unlock: Claim South Narlmarches

Quest: Onslaught (Quest)

Masterpiece: Onslaught (Armor)

Gift Benchmarks: Military 4 and Military 8 + Stability 6

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Hammer Axe Crossbow Shield Plate Armor Dwarven Item
0 Warhammer of Hatred Mayhem Ankle Breaker Blessed Defense Dragonscale Plate Opportunist's Dwarven Waraxe
1 Torpor Bashing Shield Half-Plate of Hatred
2 Serrator Escapist's Crossbow Ironclad Will
3 Tempest Crusader's Mithral Full Plate Preacher's Warhammer
4 Greater Sting Unbreakable Bastion Death Crusher's Full Plate
5 Fireborn Warhammer Lava Forged Axe Mark of the Guardian
Masterpiece Onslaught (Armor)

Enforcer[ | ]

Artisan: Varrask the Wildfist

Region: Kamelands

Unlock: Complete Varrask's Tools

Errand: Varrask's Tools

Quest: Obliteration (Quest)

Masterpiece: Obliteration

Gift Benchmark: Military 6 and Military 9 + Espionage 5

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Kellid item Mace Greataxe Greatsword Medium Armor Orc item
0 Opportunist's Boots Extinguisher Fly Swatter Breastplate of Afterlife Gleaming Chainshirt
1 Inner Demon Terror Bringer Primal Hide
2 Plate of the Beast Stonekeeper Frailty
3 Eradicator
(Heavy Mace)
Frost Touch Raging Bulwark
4 Trickster's Gloves Retribution Swift Blow
5 Bloodthirst
Dragon's Essence Shaman's Cloak
Masterpiece Obliteration

Exotic Smith[ | ]

Artisan: Shaynih'a

Region: South Narlmarches

Unlock: Complete Author Wanted

Errand: Author Wanted

Quest: One Thousand and One Questionable Stories

Masterpiece: Mastery

Gift Benchmark: Relation 4 and Relation 8 + Economy 8

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier - - - - -
0 Monastic Kama Persecutor (Kama) Monastic Kama (Eye Gouger) Heart Piercer (Sai) Carefree Hunter (Sling Staff)
1 Oppressor (Bastard Sword) Serpent Prince (Fauchard)
2 Fervent Edge (Falcata) Dark Bidding (Fauchard)
3 Menace (Dueling Sword) Avalanche (Sling Staff)
4 Lifestopper (Estoc) Eye of the Tornado (Heavy Crossbow)
5 Thwarter (Tongi) Tears of Blood (Sai)
Masterpiece Mastery

Jewelcrafter[ | ]

Artisan: Mim Wobblegander

Region: Silverstep

Unlock: Claim Silverstep

Errand: Green Stone

Quests: Three Wishes

Masterpiece: Great Dreamer's Smile

Gift Benchmarks: Economy 5 and Economy 8 + Culture 6

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Ring Amulet Headband
0 Sentinel
Thorny Ring
Amulet of Four Elements
Wind Breath
Stalwart Warrior's Luck
1 Colossus Ring
Ring of Magic Devices
Golden Tongue Circlet of Faith
2 Power Stone Burning Amulet Frozen Shout
3 Fortunate Fencer
Source of Invisibility
4 Daring Duelist
Honor of Death
Life Veil
5 Sealed Ring Inner Virtue Sharp Eye
Masterpiece Great Dreamer's Smile

Leatherworker[ | ]

Artisan: Tirval

Region: Varnhold

Unlock: Claim Varnhold, have no "Ghost Town" kingdom buff

Quest: The Varnhold Militia

Masterpiece: Royal Guardian

Gift Benchmarks: Espionage 3 and Espionage 8

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Armor Gloves Boots Belt Wondrous item
0 Burned Protector
Stoic Wolf
Cheatsheet Gloves Earth's Children Mirrored Belt Cloak of the Seer
1 Scorpion's Hatred Easy Stride Lightning Belt
2 Vest of Mirrors Blessed Hands Eel's Circlet
3 Python Skin Doublet Ultimate Grip Owlbear Skin Boots
4 Blizzard's Heart Windfall Brightest Darkness
5 Royal Gloves of Valor Sure Step Conqueror Wurm
Masterpiece Royal Guardian

Shady Dealer[ | ]

Artisan: Irlene

Region: Shrike Hills

Unlock: Magister Asks for an Audience I

Quest: A Simple Favor

Masterpiece: Grandmaster's Rod

Gift Benchmarks: Relation 3 and Arcane 6 + Relation 6

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Scroll Wand Rod Staff
0 Scroll of Angelic Aspect (Irlene)
Scroll of Poison
Scroll of Rage
Wand of Burning Hands Rod of the Fearless Prowling Cheetah
1 Scroll of Volcanic Storm Wand of Mirror Image Rod of Undeath
2 Scroll of Vampiric Shadow Shield Wand of Call Lightning Burned Oak
3 Scroll of Dispel Magic, Greater Wand of Cape of Wasps Rod of Power Source
4 Scroll of Holy Sword Wand of Death Ward Black Raven's Staff
5 Scroll of Stormbolts Wand of Dictum Rod of Flaming Vengeance The Call
Masterpiece Grandmaster's Rod

Tailor[ | ]

Artisan: Sharel

Region: North Narlmarches

Unlock: Complete Confirmation of Innocence

Errand: Confirmation of Innocence

Quest: A Bloody Craft

Masterpiece: Ambrosial Attire of Arcane Annihilation

Gift Benchmarks: Divine 3 and Divine 6 + Arcane 5

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan Item[ | ]

Tier Clothes Robe Cloak
0 Golden Thread Censor's Robe
Leviathan's Gift
Rogue's Companion
Thaumaturgist's Cloak
1 Unnatural Robe Extraplanar Cloak
Warm Embrace
2 Manticore's Claws Draping Veil of Prowess Herbalist's Cape
3 Hermit's Rope Integrity Noxious Veil
4 Butterfly Wings Prankster's Robe Cloak of the Chosen
5 Divine Support Envy of the Master Strigoi's Embrace
Masterpiece Ambrosial Attire of Arcane Annihilation

Weaponsmith[ | ]

Artisan: Nazrielle / Sartayne

Region: Kamelands

Unlock: Complete Patronage

Errand: Patronage

Quest: Nazrielle's Greatest Creation

Masterpiece: Perfection (only Nazrielle)

Gift Benchmarks: Community 5 and Community 9 + Relation 6

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Sword Dagger Chainmail Speed item Elven item
0 Nature's Will Troublemaker Light Absorber Steady Hand Sparkling Helmet
1 Vein Finder Beholder of Wind Chameleon Ring
2 Putrid Blade Trouble Solver Blazing Omen
3 Deceiver Weaver's Chainmail Lightest Touch
4 Divine Intervention Chainbreaker's Chainmail Clarity
5 Redeemer Silent Whisperer Dragonfly Ring
Masterpiece Perfection (Nazrielle only)

Woodmaster[ | ]

Artisan: Kimo Tavon

Region: North Narlmarches

Unlock: Complete A Flower in the Swamp and hire Kimo

Errand: A Flower in the Swamp

Quest: A Trail of Misfortune

Quest: Affairs of the Heart

Masterpiece: Mirror Bow

Gift Benchmarks: Loyalty 4 and Loyalty 8 + Culture 5

Tier Unlock Actions[ | ]

Artisan items[ | ]

Tier Quarterstaff Spear Bow Quiver Shield
0 Will of the Disciple Spiked Defender Fiery Eye Quiver of Ultrasound Arrows Northern Lights
1 Sunbeam Whirlwind Quiver of Lightning Arrows
2 Rigid Oak Staff Shady Longbow Bulwark
3 Dystopia Quiver of Lovers Arrows Wild Guardian
4 The Undaunted Prowling Cat Quiver of Rose's Thorns Arrows
5 Utopia Hunter's Blessing Heart of Thunder
Masterpeice Mirror Bow