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In Wrath of the Righteous you can select a background for your character.

If the character already has the class skill, weapon proficiency or armor proficiency granted by the selected background from her class during character creation, then the corresponding bonuses from background change to a +1 competence bonus in case of skills, a +1 enhancement bonus in case of weapon proficiency and a -1 Armor Check Penalty reduction in case of armor proficiency.

Not included in the table below is "Underground Scavenger", which is a secondary background unique to Mongrels. It gives a +2 bonus to Knowledge (World) when brewing potions.

Name Skill Armor Weapon Special
Farmhand Athletics, Lore (Nature) Scythe +1 Fortitude
Lumberjack Athletics Battleaxe, Greataxe, Handaxe +1 Fortitude
Miner Athletics Heavy Pick, Light Pick +1 Fortitude
Smith Athletics Light Hammer, Warhammer +1 Fortitude
Courtier Trickery, Persuasion Buckler Rapier
Emissary Knowledge (World), Persuasion Buckler Rapier
Leader Persuasion Buckler Greatsword, Longsword, Rapier
Acolyte Lore (Religion), Persuasion Can use Wisdom instead of Charisma while attempting Persuasion checks
Healer Lore (Nature), Lore (Religion) Can use Intelligence instead of Wisdom while attempting Lore (Nature) and Lore (Religion) checks
Martial Disciple Mobility, Lore (Religion) Improved Unarmed Strike feat
Aldori Swordsman Persuasion Buckler Dueling Sword
Alkenstar Alchemist Knowledge (Arcana) +1 damage with Alchemist bombs and Alchemist items
Andoren Diplomat Persuasion +2 Diplomacy
Chelaxian Diabolist Knowledge (Arcana) +4 dodge AC vs Devils
Gebbite Necromancer Lore (Religion) +3 HP to summoned undead creatures and companions
Mendevian Orphan Lore (Religion) +1 ST vs Demons
Mwangi Hunter Stealth, Lore (Nature) Dart, Javelin, Throwing Axe +1 Damage with Throwing Weapons
Nexian Scholar Knowledge (Arcana) +2 Knowledge (Arcana)
Osirian Historian Knowledge (World) +2 Knowledge (World)
Qadiran Wanderer Lore (Nature), Perception +2 ST vs Fatigue and Exhaustion
River Kingdoms Daredevil Mobility Dagger, Shortsword +2 AC vs Attack of Opportunity
Shackles Corsair Athletics, Mobility Scimitar +2 CMD vs Trip
Ustalavic Peasant Athletics Scythe +1 AC and Damage while under Fear effect
Varisian Explorer Trickery, Knowledge (World) +1 Reflex
Warrior of the Linnorm Kings Mobility Battleaxe, Greataxe, Handaxe +5 Cold Resistance
Scholar - Arcane Knowledge (Arcana), Use Magic Device Scribe Scrolls feat
Scholar - Divine Lore (Religion), Use Magic Device Brew Potions feat
Scholar - Nature Lore (Nature), Use Magic Device One spell-like ability at will: Flare, Guidance, Light, Resistance, Virtue
Acrobat Mobility, Trickery Throwing Axe
Mugger Trickery, Persuasion Dagger, Dart, Punching Dagger
Pickpocket Trickery, Stealth +2 Initiative
Hermit Lore (Nature) Club, Dart, Greatclub, Quarterstaff
Hunter Lore (Nature), Perception Longbow, Shortbow
Nomad Lore (Nature) Scimitar +3 HP to Animal Companion
Bounty Hunter Stealth Light Armor Club, Heavy Mace, Light Mace
Gladiator Persuasion Buckler, Light Armor Shortsword, Trident
Guard Perception Light Armor Light Crossbow, Shortsword
Mercenary Knowledge (World) Light Armor Javelin, Longspear, Spear