The city state of Daggermark holds the largest city in all of the River Kingdoms. Daggermark has maintained enough stability to control an abundant supply of food, a rarity in this unstable region of Avistan. Daggermark is so stable that it even has a thriving industry and is wealthy enough to mint its own coin. The main reason for this stability are the two guilds for which the city is so famous: the Daggermark Assassins' Guild and the Daggermark Poisoners' Guild. These two organizations often work hand in hand, as the assassins favor the use of poisons, believing that only amateurs leave behind an obvious cause of death. Few bandit lords would be stupid enough to attack Daggermark for fear of being found poisoned, strangled or some other seemingly accidental death.

Even if someone were foolish enough to risk the wrath of its assassins, Daggermark is still far from undefended. It has the largest army in all the River Kingdoms and the city itself boasts both an inner and outer wall. The most powerful and prestigious members of Daggermark society live within the inner wall (called Dagger Keep by the locals), including the ruler, Martro Livondar. Rule of the city is more complicated than it appears: while Marto Livondar in theory controls the city, he would not be able to do so without the dwarven warrior Jallor Clovesh who controls the army. In addition, if Livondar were ever to lose the favor of Lady Smilos, the head of the assassins' guild, or Tragshi, head of the poisoners' guild, it is unlikely he would survive more than a week.

Inhabitants Edit

Daggermark is one of the main, albeit small, halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region, being a beacon for freed slaves due to the River Freedoms enjoyed. Many halflings use their size and stealth to advantage as members of the city's Assassins' Guild and Poisoners' Guild.

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