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The following page details the differences between Kingmaker, the computer role-playing game, and the tabletop Pathfinder game.

Systems[ | ]

Skills:Kingmaker uses most of the Consolidated Skills Optional Rules then applies most of the Grouped Skills Optional Rules from the Unchained Rulebook for figuring out skills. Allowing for more versatility from most classes and characters as seen in the table.

Kingmaker Grouped Skills Consolidated Skills
Lore: Nature Natural Nature, Survival
Athletics & Mobility Physical Acrobatics (Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride), Athletics (Climb, Swim)
Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: World, & Lore: Religion Scholarly Religion, Society, Spellcraft
Persuasion Social Influence (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate) Performance
Stealth & Trickery Thieving & Influence Finesse (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand), Stealth

Note: the Feint combat maneuver does not exist in game, and all subsequent feats are not implemented.

There is no range increments, only attack ranges.

Spellcasters attempt to cast defensively automatically, and do not risk losing the spell slot. Instead they just draw an attack of opportunity as normal.

Classes that are able to sneak attack gain that bonus using ranged attacks against opponents who are flanked.

Characters cannot use weapons with which they are not proficient.

Characters[ | ]

The Alchemist in Kingmaker is able to throw bombs 30ft instead of 20ft.

The Barbarian class is the Unchained variant. Unchained supports a non-strength based Barbarian from a straight to hit and damage Morale bonus regardless, and the lack of temporary morale stat changes allow ptger morale buffs.

The Monk is unchained variant, yet you are able to take standard as a "traditional" archetype.

Spellcasting classes receive extra spell casts from their casting ability score, but seems to not use the same table as the TTRPG.

The Original Rogue, featured in the core rule book, will never be a class in Kingmaker. The Unchained Variant is the only one available for good game balancing reasons.

Spontaneous casters such as the sorcerer, bard and eldritch scion magus cannot choose to learn new spells in place of ones they already know.

Feats[ | ]

Only feats from the core rulebook, aside from original magus ones.

DLC will add some feats and classes.

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