Dragons are an ancient race of intelligent, winged, reptile-like creatures who possess a variety of magical and unusual abilities. Due to their power, they are counted among the most legendary creatures in all the Inner Sea region. They are sometimes referred to as wyrms and wyrmlings.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dragons grow more powerful as they age, both in raw, physical might, and in mental and magical ability. While a newly hatched wyrmling might be defeated by a small party of modestly-experienced adventures, an ancient dragon can pose a threat to a small army. Dragons are fierce fighters, and those attempting to battle them can expect to be bitten, raked with their fearsome claws, buffeted by the wings, and smacked by the long tail—not to mention the various breath weapons, ranging from fire, ice, acid, or even electricity. Older dragons are also formidable spellcasters, in addition to the various other supernatural abilities they possess. Dragons have keen senses, able to see clearly in low-light or complete darkness, and can even sense creatures that it cannot see. Each type of dragon has additional abilities and magical spells, often specialized to their chosen habitat and fighting style. For example, the swamp-dwelling black dragon can influence and control reptiles, whereas the coastal bronze dragons exhibit some control over water. Dragons are immune to the effects of paralysis and magic-induced sleep.

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