Galt is a republic south of the River Kingdoms, north of Taldor, east of the elven homeland Kyonin, the dwarven homeland Five Kings Mountains and Andoran. Further to the west lies the vast Casmaron continent.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Galt is a land where once high ideals have been laid low and mob rule has led to chaos. Once, Galt was a nation based on high ideals and was renowned as a nation of free thinkers, poets and artists. After the death of Aroden and the rise of House Thrune, the people of Galt decided it was time to throw off the rule of infernal Cheliax and their own nobles who had colluded with them. A bloody revolution followed in which many, many nobles lost their heads. The problem was the executions did not end the bloodshed and within five years the severed head of the first government rolled down the steps of the guillotine. In the forty years since then, over a dozen governments have ruled Galt, rising and falling like the waves of a stormy sea.

Government[edit | edit source]

Government is a fickle thing in Galt and few who claim power keep their heads for more than a few years. The revolutionary council that rules Galt changes leadership with shocking regularity as a new group of bloodthirsty revolutionaries claim power. The current leader of the revolutionary council is Korran Goss, a talented demagogue whose primary tactic for manipulating the angry mobs is redirecting their hatred. He is currently trying to shift the blames for all of Galt's woes to neighboring nations, particular Andoran. Andoran has been cautious of Galt ever since the revolution broke down into bloody mayhem, as Andoran was founded on many of the same principles as the original Galtan revolution. The only stability in the government of Galt is the Gray Gardeners, the executioners of Galt. They maintain their power and safety through anonymity as no Gray Gardener has ever unmasked himself. The Gray Gardeners are based in the city of Litran, rather than the capital Isarn where the Revolutionary Council is based.

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