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As the servant of a dark god, he's fond of speeches. Like: "Abandon hope and embrace the inevitable." That's the kind of speech that Harrim's companions must endure. Every. Single. Day. A priest of Groetus, Harrim left his dwarven home to spread the word of the God of End Times throughout the Stolen Lands. Although if you ask me, Harrim's just a whiner – a one of a kind!
Chaotic Neutral
Jamandi Aldori's Mansion
Deity: Groetus

Domains: Chaos, Destruction
Channel Energy: Positive
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Heavy Armor)
Trained skills: Lore (Religion), Perception

Unwanted Legacy
Unbreakable Metal
The Unmaking

Chaotic Neutral (Dwarf)

1 Cleric
20 ft.

5 Lore (Nature)
8 Lore (Religion)
7 Perception

12 Hit points





Melee: Flail
Range: 2 ft.
Attack: +2
Damage: 1d8+2 B

+2 Bonus 11 Defense

Features and Abilities
Charge, Coup de Grace, Treat Affliction
Channel Positive Energy — Heal Living, Channel Positive Energy — Damage Undead, Touch of Chaos, Fighting Defensively, Destructive Smite
Dwarf, Groetus, Feat, Cleric Proficiencies, Channel Energy, Detect Magic, Spontaneous Healing, Chaos Domain, Destruction Domain, Armor Proficiency (Light Armor), Armor Proficiency (Medium Armor), Simple Weapon Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (Heavy Armor), Slow and Steady, Stability, Hardy, Defensive Training - Giants, Hatred - Orcs and Goblinoids, Keen Senses, Dwarven Weapon Familiarity

Harrim is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Chaotic neutral dwarven cleric of Groetus. Originally from Larrad, the second largest city in the Five Kings Mountains and a major pilgrimage site for the dwarvish pantheon, a young Harrim dreamed of devoting himself to the dwarvish chief god Torag by creating great works on the anvil- he even believed that he heard the voice of Torag urging him on in his dreams. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts Harrim always suffered extraordinary misfortune in his creative endeavors. Anything he worked on would fall apart in his hands, and whatever he completed would be found to be entirely unusable. Mocked by others for his inability and spiritually crushed by his failures, Harrim became an alcoholic and found himself contemplating suicide. However, he still heard the voice, and decided to leave his homeland to pursue it. Eventually the search for the source of the voice led him to a gathering of cultists of Groetus at a ruined temple of Aroden.

Since becoming a convert of Groetus Harrim has wandered the world preaching the word of Groetus. Although he avoids contact with other dwarves and describes them in unflattering terms as obsessive and unyielding, he has a somewhat ambivalent attitude regarding dwarvish cultural achievements, and confesses that he is still deeply moved by many of the creations of his ancestors despite his belief that those creations will inevitably become dust.


Harrim can be appointed to the court position of High Priest. As High Priest Harrim will advocate strongly for religious freedom and the protection of religious minorities in the barony.

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When he is initially encountered in the attack on Jamandi Aldori's Mansion, Harrim is lying on his back in the garden proclaiming that his life has reached its end and he is on the verge of succumbing to his wounds. He can be recruited to fend off the attackers by persuading him that he isn't dying, intimidating him into standing, or offering him healing.

After you obtain your barony he asks for you to take him to see any dwarvish ruins you find during you travels. In the Troll Wilderness, Harrim finds what he seems to have been searching for and will comment extensively (and largely negatively) on aspects of the ruins. Upon seeing the Searing Palm, Harrim decries dwarvish practices of making and their devotion to Torag and strikes the anvil with his hands. To his surprise, this causes it to crack. If you encourage him to strike it again the anvil breaks cleanly in two, yielding the jewel the 'Heart of the Anvil'.

After a while a dwarf will come asking for assistance excavating a different ruin on the former Shield Road. Though he has misgivings about the visitor, Harrim will insist on accompanying you for the quest. Upon reaching the ruins you will be confronted by a formidable golem. Upon defeating the golem, Harrim unmakes it with a touch, a feat which should be impossible. The destroyed golem yields another jewel similar to the Heart of the Anvil, which can be used later in the quest. Harrim is distraught by the accelerated destruction caused by his touch, which he says is unnatural and not the way of Groetus- Groetus is the gentle and natural decay of all things, not violent, abrupt destruction. The dwarvish quest giver tells Harrim that this ability is actually the fabled "Touch of the Unmaker," a rare gift of Torag meant to retire things which have lingered too long in the world and temper the pride of the dwarvish people. Harrim angrily rejects this possibility.

Lastly a golem will come to your throne room and collapse. Harrim will suggest to go and check on the dwarves who have awoken a ghost using the golems. You can fight the golems and choose to break the throne or leave it. Not sure what happens if you leave it but breaking it saves the dwarves who later give you a nice helmet made from the jewel you gave to them.


Camping Special Role
Blend into the Night: Harrim's gloomy mood and love of solitude mystically reduces the party's chances of attracting monsters and enemies. The chance of attack decreases for every guard shift that begins during the night.
Favorite Meal

Starting statistics[]

Harrim may join your party at the end of the prologue if you make the chaotic choice in conversation with Jamandi Aldori. If he doesn't join you in the prologue, you have a chance later to recruit him with a successful Diplomacy check. Harrim has the following level 1 stats:

Starting Equipment[]