Iobaria is a large wilderness region located east of Brevoy, north of the Castrovin Sea and considered part of the Casmaron continent.

Lore Edit

Iobaria is a former human empire, now barren wilderness with sparse population due to a series of plagues that have severely depopulated the region.

History Edit

Iobaria was originally settled by Ulfen explorers from Avistan around 752 AR, who followed the southernmost polar ice caps eastward. It soon grew into an empire with colonies as far afield as Issia, (now Brevoy), and Mendev, in Avistan. The empire was brought down by a series of plagues, the worst of which was the Choking Death of 2742 AR. These diseases killed three quarters of the population, and even today a host of illnesses keeps the population low. Thus weakened, Iobaria lost control of its vassal states, which rebelled against its control, only to collapse themselves once they were cut off from central support.

Inhabitants Edit

Iobaria today is sparsely populated, with most humans living outside of the old cities in tiny settlements. About eight of every ten inhabitants live in the endless forest wilderness in a state of semi-barbarism, and avoid the ruined cities of their ancestors altogether. The numerous diseases which emptied Iobaria two millennia ago have never disappeared completely, and still serve to keep its population very low. Other non-human races live as nomads in small packs.

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