Iomedae is the youngest of the gods and the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor. Having served as the dead god Aroden's herald, she inherited many of his followers, and continues to espouse the ideas of honor and righteousness in the defense of good and the battle against evil.

Dogma[edit | edit source]

Iomedae is by far the most active god when it comes to battling evil on Golarion. As a worshiper of the Inheritor, your first goal is to stamp out evil and injustice wherever you find it. You can do this in cities or in the wild, because the truth of your goddess shines brightly wherever she stands. You do not charge into battle against unbeatable odds—your faith does not require stupidity—but you do all in your power to protect the innocent and show them how to stand up for themselves.

History[edit | edit source]

As a mortal, Iomedae led the Knights of Ozem in the Shining Crusade against the forces of the Whispering Tyrant. In the fall of 3832 AR, Iomedae, was the last mortal to pass the Test of the Starstone and ascend to godhood.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Iomedae views Abadar, Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Torag as the equivalent of allies. She will not associate or parlay with evil gods or any fiends.

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