Jamandi Aldori is Pathfinder: Kingmaker character and an influential Swordlord living in Restov, Brevoy.

Lore Edit

A very straightforward and passionate woman in her late 30s, and generally recognized as the city’s greatest warrior (though not Restov’s greatest duelist). Her standard attire is full battle armor and weapons, often looking as if she walked in off the battlefield (which isn’t always far from the truth). Carrying a thin bladed Aldori dueling sword at her hip, her skills on the fields of battle (and alleyways of Restov) is the stuff of legend.

She often hires out as mercenary support for nearby conflicts to keep her troops seasoned and prepared for war, as well as to provide gold for her house. A vocal firebrand against the reigning monarchy, Jamandi has seen no small amount of trouble through royal agents from New Stetven and is only barely tolerated due to her influence.

Mother of adopted son Kassil Aldori.

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