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Problems to solve and opportunities to seize occur from time to time in your domain. These events may increase or decrease your realm's stats; don't forget to look them up.

All current events are listed at the bottom of the screen. An event may be addressed by the relevant advisor. To assign a task to an advisor, click the frame on the right side of the event card. The character in charge will act based on their own ideology and nature. It takes time to deal with an event, so the advisor will be unavailable for any other official missions.


There are two types of events: problems and opportunities, as well as projects. If a problem event ends with a failure or is ignored, it decreases your stats. Succeeding at an opportunity event will increase your stats, and it normally will not affect them if the outcome is a failure or it is ignored.

Outcomes, difficulty and rolls[]

Every event can resolve in one of the four ways: Disaster (the dice roll is 8 points or more below the difficulty level of the event), Failure (the dice roll is up to 7 points below the difficulty level), Success (the dice roll is equal to the difficulty level or up to 6 points above the difficulty level), or Triumph (the dice roll is 7 points or more above the difficulty level of the event). The outcome may affect the realm's stats.

Every event has a difficulty level. To resolve the event successfully, the advisor must roll a number higher than the difficulty level of the event. The advisor's post ability is added to the dice roll. The realm stat the advisor is responsible for adds another 2 points per rank to every roll. This roll occurs when the event is resolved. In rare cases an advisor can lower or increase the difficulty level of an event by some points, for example the Grand Diplomat for the Tragedy At The Mine event. This is represented by the upper left corner of the advisor's card being highlighted with green (for decrease in the difficulty) or red (for increase in the difficulty) at the advisor's selection screen of the event.

Example: Valerie as a Regent (Population stat) grants a +2 bonus for her high Charisma. The Population stat rank is 1, so it gives another +2 bonus. If Valerie is put in charge of an event, her dice roll would have an overall bonus of +4 points.

After succeeding or triumphing at 100 opportunities, the achievement Opportunist is earned, and likewise for solving 100 problems and the achievement Troubleshooter.

Recommendation for editing kingdom events[]

  • For new or incomplete events if you completed it with an advisor, put a plus sign next to his name if you received the same result as other users up until all advisors from that position have been confirmed to yeild the same outcome so it could be changed to "Any".
    • Example: Treasurer (Jubilost+, Maegar+, Kanerah?, Bartholomew?)
    • In this case we will need to confirm that Kanerah and Bartholomew yield the same results for the event before changing it to "Treasurer (Any)", because they are Evil aligned, they may have different outcome.
    • See "Greedy Tax Collector (R)" event as example of different outcomes.
  • If you use unpopular advisor to resolve an event that already have all information filled and you receive drastically different results: Add a new field for that advisor and for the old entry list all advisors with "?" sign for future edits to confirm their information.
    • Example: You used Bartholomew as Grand Diplomat and got different results. Add his own field with "Grand Diplomat (Bartholomew Delgado)" and your results, plus change the old "Grand Diplomat (Any)" to "Grand Diplomat (Linzy?, Valerie?)"
  • For Opportunities and Problems add result descriptions in result# and stat changes in t#, s#, f#, d#
    • Currently the text of result# can be seen only during preview, but not in the final page. That might have been the result of Tradvisor enhancing the kingdom event tables by improving the coding of EventLine template. Writing the text in one variable and stats in another will help us improve the table later to show all the information without getting duplicated info.
  • If Advisor have advantage to resolve an event add DC -# after his name, if he have an disadvantage then DC +#.
  • When filling the fields of Time and Stat change do mind your Kingdom Effects! Aviary reduces time by 1 day, and some of the buffs like "Loyal Spies", "Diplomatic Approach" and "Blessing of Cayden Cailean" may provide additional stats on failure or success. So be sure to write down only base amount of stat gained!


See Kingdom opportunities.


See kingdom problems.


See kingdom projects.

Throne Room Events[]

This section was moved to the Throne Room Events page to lighten this one.


Bug icon.png Improving Cultural Development project does not decrease the BP cost of Theater building. (Last Version:2.1.7b)
Bug icon.png The consequences for ignoring the Devastating Raids event is a large bonus to community. (Fixed Version: as of 2.0.8)
Bug icon.png In the Omen event, the descriptions of the results of Curator's and Magister's efforts are mutually mixed up. It doesn't affect gained/lost stats, though. (Last Version:2.0.8)
Bug icon.png Despite what the advisor tells you, there is no item given in this event for the first choice, weather and luck. (Fixed Version: 1.1.2e)
Bug icon.png Despite what the advisor tells you, there is no item given in this event for the second and third choices. (Last Version:1.1.1e)
Bug icon.png The results of Jubilost's efforts as the Treasurer in River Gold just make no sense for the Treasurer. The results of Bartholomew Delgado or Kanerah look more conclusively. (Last Version:2.0.8)
Bug icon.png In the descriptions of the results of the event, Tsanna is addressed as Jaethal (Last Version:2.0.8)
Bug icon.png Ingame description of the results of the event is blank (Last Version:2.0.8)
Bug icon.png Despite the description of the results in Loyal Spies, Disaster grants Espionage +1, but Failure seems to grant Espionage +2 (Last Version:2.0.8)

Trade with Mivon may not show despite passing the check with the trader, be sure so save.