Mivon is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, part of the River Kingdoms and located south of the Stolen Lands and east of Pitax.


It was to Mivon that many of the Aldori Swordlords fled after Choral the Conqueror overthrew the nation of Rostland to create modern day Brevoy. Many swordlords settled in Mivon bringing with them the experience and knowledge of the ancient art of the swordlords. Warriors from as far away as Garund make pilgrimages to Mivon to learn the secrets of the swordlords, in order to do this the applicant must best a series of increasingly tough duels. Mivon is one of the most stable River Kingdoms. The land surrounding the city-state of Mivon, features the town of Jovvox, as well as a dozen small walled villages with palisades and guards, and a number of stone keeps along the rivers leading to and from Pitax. It has a longstanding dispute with their neighbors to the west over control of the town and famous vineyards of Sarain.

Government Edit

Mivon's social system is a meritocracy. Only those who have proven themselves worthy are allowed a position of power. Those vying for the highest rank compete in a series of duels. They fight their way up through the List of Suitors, then challenge the current official. The Aldori Swordlord Raston Selline is the mayor of the city of Mivon and ruler of the land. He claims that the city will pass to the hands of whomever can defeat him in a duel; first, though, a challenger must pass through the lesser lords of Mivon, fighting his way up the List of Suitors. As Selline grows older, a young skilled swordlord named Gaspar Tellick, has voluntarily declared himself Selline's inferior. Thus, anyone wishing to take the city's government must first pass through Tellick. This allows Selline to teach Tellick how to manipulate the hidden strings of the city and its intrigues. Some say that Tellick will challenge Selline sometime soon, but for now, they keep their public friendship tension-free.

Mivon has no army. Each Aldori House fields its own militia, flies its own colors, and swears fealty to a master, rather than to the Mivon kingdom as a whole. The Houses agree on little. They compete with each other for the right to provide security in the city of Mivon, and other necessary military duties. Selline tries to balance the desires of the Houses against the city's needs.
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