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Current Issues[]

Wow no issues! We're doing great! XD Kermon (talk) 22:32, 12 October 2018 (UTC)

Images and possible euthanasia[]

Bit of a lousy title, but I'll start with images. Having looked a bit around this wiki and the one on Wikia, this one looks to have a better base to build from. More pages, templates and better structure, and of course an infinitely better design workspace. However, I can't seem to find many images. These can of course be used to spice up character, item, ability etc pages, not least for various infoboxes (which are also mostly in the place here it seems). I've got some experience of extracting Unity images from other games, so that is something I can do for this wiki as well.

However, the looming storm on the horizon is the suggestion to close down this wiki. I have voted against that, and hope it will somehow matter. I'm not interested in putting in hundreds of hours of free time for a platform I simply cannot use, so I either edit here or not at all. And keep crossing my fingers UCP won't turn as dire as feared and quite frankly expected given current Phase 1 work.

I should get more into the game first so there is less risk of getting badly spoilered, but I'd really like to put some proper effort into this wiki, if it has a future. Pangaearocks (talk) 01:00, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

Question about uploaded file search[]

Does the filesearch Special:ListFiles work well? I can't find a file, using its media name. For. ex: "RemoveBlindness.png". Although it exists RemoveBlindness Can anyone explain me this? Treadvisor (talk) 09:38, 6 July 2020 (UTC)

That's very odd. I checked and it exists, but it doesn't show up in that Special page search. I couldn't notice this, since I primarily use Categories, rather than the search. I'll look into it. Tagaziel (talk) 17:58, 14 July 2020 (UTC)

Spoiler Policy and Style Guide[]

Hi, I'm new to wiki editing. Do we have a spoiler policy or a style guide here? I'd like to work on fleshing out the character pages for major characters (particularly party members), but I'm concerned that for some (*cough* Tristian *cough*) there are some Very Major spoilers that, while they should be documented, should also be signaled in some way so that checking the wiki page doesn't instantly implode certain chapters.

Additionally, I wanted to inquire about the formatting of pages and conventions for terminology. I've been adding Trivia sections at times to record amusing facts and banter, but I was wondering if we should have Personality sections describing characters as people separate from their biographic information. I also wanted to know what exactly the Interactions sections are meant to contain- while some pages I've been on had quest line info in these sections, others also included mechanical information about characters such as their camping abilities and favorite foods. For clarity, I wanted to establish what exactly goes into Interactions. It would also be good to know how that interacts with Biography- should Biography be purely pre-game information, and Interactions contain character events and development throughout the game in a similar manner to Plot sections on other wikis?

We also seem to have an odd convention of referring to the player character as "you." Is that actually the wiki's standard? When relevant, how should the General be distinguished from the Baron/ess?

Thanks for your time. This added April 7, 2021. Outeremissary

Pathfinder Kingmaker WIki Pages seem to be broken[]

Good afternoon, and thank you to everyone who's hard work makes this wiki possible!

Aside from the front page of the wiki, all sub pages seem to be broke, when searching them and arriving from the web, or trying to access them from the front page itself. The error message stated when trying to access all (or most, I'm not sure) of the sub pages is:

MediaWiki internal error.

Original exception: [b154e96518aa78f] 2021-08-02 15:54:25: Fatal exception of type "WikiaException"

Exception caught inside exception handler.

Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; at the bottom of LocalSettings.php to show detailed debugging information.

Just thought I'd let someone know in case it hadn't already been reported.