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Pathfinder: Kingmaker features plenty of storyline and side quests, for an estimated total of 80 hours per playthrough. Your character is a baron{ess} and then a royal ruler, but the way you interact with the world in the quests impacts how the game and the storyline develops. There are multiple endings, affected by your choices, companions, and alignment.

While the game is true to the Adventure Path, it is not a rote recreation of it. Expect Owlcat modifications, like in any proper PnP campaign.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike many other games, failing or ignoring a quest does not punish you. These are intended to be valid outcomes, with their own effects on the world, and more importantly, these aren't always bad outcomes.

Chapters[ | ]

Prologue[ | ]

The First Step on the Road to Glory[ | ]

Our story started at the mansion of an Aldori Swordlord. Drawn by the promise of a most dangerous task and an equally substantial reward, heroes of all stripes gathered here...


Stolen Land[ | ]

Surviving a terrible night, our small team set off to brave our fate. Beware, Stolen Lands! Heroes are on the way!


Victory! The Stag Lord's dead, and the capital of the new barony has been built in place of his fort. That was how the long and challenging taming of the Stolen Lands began.

Troll Trouble[ | ]

Trolls who didn't fear fire? That sounded terrible. And dangerous. And terribly dangerous! If we couldn't rein them in, our young barony would be eaten up in a snap!

With the troll menace ended, all our woes were in the past, and there was nothing left endangering our young barony... Ha ha, as if! The true hardships were yet to come!

Season of Bloom[ | ]

Hunting together with foreign guests would not only help in solving the problem of rapidly multiplying magical animals — it would also improve our relationships with our neighbors! But little did we know that this innocent fun would be the start of a real catastrophe...

The season of Bloom was over, its invasion of magical beasts stopped. Finally getting a break, it was time for us to restore the capital and count our losses.

The Varnhold Vanishing[ | ]

This time, the disaster didn't hit us, but our neighbors. Varnhold, a small town east of our barony, had been deserted in an instant.

The ancient evil was defeated — the dead tyrant Vordakai wouldn't be threatening us or anyone else any longer. Alas, our friend revealed himself to be an enemy! How could you, Tristian? We trusted you!

The Twice-Born Warlord[ | ]

Meanwhile, barbarian hordes had been gathering near Brevoy's borders. We had a difficult choice to make: was it more important to chase a traitor — or to fulfill our duty as allies?

This was a true triumph! Forget some simple barony — our ruler now wore the crown of a monarch! The time had come for royal feats — and equally royal dangers!

War of the River Kings[ | ]

Irovetti, King of Pitax, invited our King/Queen to a tournament. But why? A demonstration of neighborly amiability, perhaps? Unlikely — the ruler of Pitax was renowned for his devious guile...

Irovetti was dead — and good riddance! Our ruler added the crown of Pitax to the crown of the Stolen Lands. But behind the dead monarch loomed the shadow of a much more dangerous foe...

Sound of a Thousand Screams[ | ]

It was time to meet the real mistress of the Stolen Lands — the one who'd been pulling the strings to create and destroy kingdoms for ages now.


The Cursed King/Queen[ | ]

Defeating Nyrissa, we brought upon ourselves the anger of a creature much more ancient, powerful, and frightful. We took the Lantern King's favorite toy — and now the full power of his curse came crashing down on us!

The ages-old drama had drawn to its finale. The story of Nyrissa's torment was complete... and now it was time to face the most difficult trial yet.

Kingdom Quests[ | ]


Companion Quests[ | ]

Jubilost Narthropple
Kanerah and Kalikke
Octavia and Regongar

Artisan quests[ | ]

Errands[ | ]

DLCs[ | ]

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