Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a far northwestern region of Avistan west of the demon-infested Worldwound.

Lore Edit

A realm of megafauna inhabited by humans almost as savage as the pre-historic beasts surrounding them, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a land in Avistan's far-north that spells doom for those who take it lightly.

Government Edit

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords has no central government and its leadership is very different from the sort the soft inhabitants of the civilized south are used to. The people of the land divide themselves into large family-based tribes. While some tribes stay in these small family clusters, most chose to form larger followings. A following is when two or more tribes join together to follow a particularly powerful warrior or leader. These followings only occur around leaders who have proved themselves through acts of great courage, strength, or guile. When one of these leaders dies (often attempting another epic feat to impress his or her followers) these followings either elect to follow a new hero (who must have achieved similarly spectacular feats), split into their original family tribes, or try to join the following of another hero. A leader's death causes all of these things to happen, with each tribe deciding by itself what it wants to do.

Geography Edit

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords sits in the far north of Avistan wedged against the vast, icy nothingness of the Crown of the World. To its east lies the demon-infested wasteland of the Worldwound, while it shares its western border with icy queendom of Irrisen. Stuck between these two hostile, supernatural powers, it is no wonder that the Realm spawns such hardy folk. The majority of the land is covered in cold, harsh tundra and boreal forest, across which roam herds of huge creatures long extinct in other lands

Inhabitants Edit

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords is the last nation where Kellids still live as their ancient traditions dictate, free from the influence of other countries or powers. The only other Kellid nation that has maintained a similar way of life is Numeria, but even there its people are commanded by the Black Sovereign, who all but completely turned his back on the Kellid way when he fell in with the foul arcanists of the Technic League. The nation of Sarkoris used to be a Kellid kingdom that was very similar to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, but now is nothing more than a demon-haunted wasteland, the Worldwound.

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