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Map of the Stolen Lands

There are thirteen regions in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, which can be incorporated into your kingdom. Every region has 2 or 3 available upgrades, with unique bonuses and conditions for each. All of them are listed on the region cards.



You may claim new regions to expand your territory. Open the Regions tab on the right side of the screen and select the relevant project at the bottom of the screen. Claiming a region will allow you to significantly increase your realm's stats and found settlements in the new lands.

However, annexation requires you to:

  • Meet special regional conditions. That is, complete a quest or reach a certain rank in one of the stats.
  • Collect sufficient BP for the claim.
  • Find an unoccupied advisor who can take charge of the claim.
  • As soon as you start the kingdom project to claim a region, time will automatically speed up for the next 14 days, the time it takes for you and your advisor to claim the region.
  • After the new territory is claimed and annexed into your domain, the boundaries of the state will change, and you will receive all the bonuses granted by the claimed region.
Region Cost Advisor Prerequisites
Shrike Hills - - Initial territory
Outskirts 150 Regent
South Narlmarches 400 Regent
Complete Troll Trouble
North Narlmarches 225 Regent
High Priest
Grand Diplomat
Community rank is at least III
Kamelands 275 Regent
Grand Diplomat
Loyalty rank is at least III
Silverstep 375 Regent
Grand Diplomat
Annex Kamelands
Complete The Lonely Hunter
Varnhold - - Complete The Varnhold Vanishing
Dunsward 300 Regent
Grand Diplomat
Annex Varnhold
Relations rank is at least V
Tors of Levenies 350 Magister
Annex Varnhold
Arcane rank is at least V
Culture rank is at least V
Dire Narlmarches 200 High Priest
Complete Betrayer's Flight
Glenebon 325 High Priest
Complete The Twice-Born Warlord
Pitax - - Complete War of the River Kings
Thousand Voices - - -

Areas and Resources[]

Region Settlement Areas Quest-triggered Areas Book Events Resources
Shrike Hills Tuskdale
  • Ancient River Bed (Economy +2)
  • Coal Mine (Community +2)
  • Excavation Site (Culture +1)
  • Fertile Land (Loyalty +1)
  • Flat-Topped Hill (Military +2)
Outskirts Tradegard -
  • Blackberry Meadow (Loyalty +1)
  • Moist Basin (Loyalty +1)
  • Old Outpost (Military +2)
South Narlmarches Narlkeep
  • Abandoned Laboratory (Arcane +2)
  • Remnants of Dwarven Fortifications (Military +3)
North Narlmarches Tatzlford -
  • Ancient Obelisk (Arcane +2)
  • Ruins of an Old Temple (Culture +1)
Kamelands Shambling Steps
  • Iron Mine (Community +2)
  • Refugee Camp (Community +1)
  • Sapphire Fields (Economy +3)
  • Scenic Locale (Culture +2)
Silverstep Silvershire -
  • Lover's Grave (Culture +3)
  • Mountain Trout (Loyalty +2)
  • Old Storage (Culture +1)
  • River Guards' Camp (Military +1)
Varnhold Varnhold
  • Amphitheater (Culture +2)
  • High Cliff (Military +2)
  • Obsidian Stele (Arcane +2)
  • Silver Deposit (Economy +2)
Dunsward Plainsgard -
  • Fairy Ring (Arcane +2)
  • Gem Quarry (Economy +3)
Tors of Levenies The Peak
  • Astronomical Observatory (Arcane +2, Culture +2)
  • Magic Circle (Arcane +5)
  • Ore Vein (Economy +3)
  • Sculpture Garden (Arcane +2, Culture +2)
Dire Narlmarches Direburg -
  • Mage Tower (Arcane +5)
Glenebon Glenshire
  • Calm Bay (Loyalty +4)
  • Copper Mine (Community +3)
  • Precipice (Military +4)
  • Sunny Glade (Loyalty +3)
Pitax Pitax (City)
  • Ancient Mound (Military +3)
  • Bulrush Thicket (Loyalty +4)
  • Marble Quarry (Economy +5)
  • Steel Workshop (Community +3)
  • Sulfur Deposit (Community +3)
Thousand Voices - - -
Unknown - - -

Region Upgrades[]

Once the story reaches a certain point and you have upgraded your capital to a city, you will start unlocking Upgrades for each Region. Each upgrade provides bonuses either to the kingdom or to exploration.

Upgrades unlock conditions aren't clear yet but Kingdom stats are definitely involved for some of them, some require the completion of projects and others require the completion of quests. Exploration may also play a part (e.g. discover every resource of a region).

There are two types of upgrades: military upgrades and non-military upgrades. The type of upgrade chosen affects certain other kingdom Projects and Region Upgrades. For example, the Trading with Restov effect grants 2 BP/week for every region along the Brevan border which has received non-military Upgrades, while the Training Grounds upgrade for Glenebon's bonus is dependent upon the number of Regions with military Upgrades.

Region Upgrade Name Cost Advisor Unlock Conditions Effects
Shrike Hills Diamond in the Rough 650 Grand Diplomat / Treasurer / Curator Linked to Economy, Relations, and Culture kingdom stats.

Available just after Hour of Rage (Tristan unlooked for), All Tier VI but raw kingdom stats: 188, 189, 183, 217, 169, 163, 157, 155, 157, 120.

Requires a Town Hall being built in at least 2 of the 5 regions surrounding Shrike Hills (Outskirts, Varnhold, South Narlmarches, North Narlmarches, and Kamelands).

  • Every 2-slot building in this or adjacent upgraded regions that provides bonuses to Economy, Relations or Culture increases those bonuses by 1.
  • Every 4-slot building in this or adjacent regions that provides bonuses to Economy, Relations or Culture increases those bonuses by 2.
Iron Heart of the Land 600 Warden / General / Minister Seems to be linked to the level of military kingdom stats (Military, Stability, Espionage)

Requires a Citadel or Castle in the capital (needs to be a regular Castle, the Crusader's or Hellknight's Castle don't qualify)

  • +3 to Resolve any Situation with the General, Warden and Minister in the Shrike Hills and all adjacent Regions.
  • This counts as a military Upgrade.
It's a Magical Place 625 High Priest / Magister Complete at least 3 "Research into the Nature of Curses" projects
  • +5 to resolve any situation with High Priest or Magister in this region.
  • +5 bonus to Knowledge (Arcana) and Lore (Religion) checks within the Kingdom.
Outskirts Good Neighbors 200 Regent / Grand Diplomat
  • A)Allow Brevoy to collect Oleg's taxes & Say that you value your friendship.
  • B)Forcibly Tax Oleg & Send Aldori gold as compensation.
  • +3 bonus to solve any problem in regions adjacent to the Brevan border.
Trading Ground 300 Treasurer
  • A)Delay taxing Oleg for a month & Agree to build a road.
  • B)Allow Brevoy to collect Oleg's taxes & Demand Brevoy to build a road.
  • Upgrade the road to Restov.
  • No special effects.
Military Outpost 350 General
  • A)Forcibly tax Oleg & Post guards
  • B)Delay taxing Oleg for a month & Make a Phantom road. (need verification)
  • Complete "Return of the past glory" project
  • "Your lands military and protection increase greatly" (no effect?)
  • -2 penalty to solve problems along the Brevan border
  • This counts as a military Upgrade.
South Narlmarches Bronzeshield Fortress 100 General / Warden Did not invite Hargulka or Tartuk to the barony or kill them afterwards.
  • No special effects.
  • Prerequisite for "Restoration of the Road of Shields".
  • This counts as a military Upgrade.
The Magic of Candlemere Tower 200 High Priest / Magister Clear Candlemere Tower

Might require additional conditions, possibly research into nature of curses - Candlemere.

  • +3 bonus for the Magister to take advantage of opportunities in this and all adjacent regions.
  • The Mage's Tower provides additional +1 to Divine and Arcane.
North Narlmaches Erastil's Holy Place 150 High Priest Complete "Rebuild the Temple of the Elk" project
  • +2 Sacred bonus to attack and damage to animals and magical beasts within the Kingdom.
  • +5 bonus Lore (Nature) checks within the Kingdom.
Royal Hunting Grounds 200 Grand Diplomat / Councilor / Curator Clear Tuskgutter's Lair
  • No special effects.
Kamelands National Treasure 300 Curator Culture rank is at least V
Shrike Hills has Royal Museum built
  • All Museums in the kingdom provide +2 Culture.
Horse-breeding Center 265 Councilor / Treasurer Economy rank is at least IV
Culture rank is at least II
  • +20% to overland movement speed within the kingdom.
Silverstep Fish Farm Village 250 Councilor Community rank is at least IV
Loyalty rank is at least IV
  • Any building in this or adjacent Regions that grants a bonus to either Community or Loyalty now grants a minimum +1 to both.
Jewelry Center 225 Treasurer / Curator Clear Ancient Mine
Complete the Taldan collection for the Storyteller
  • Attracts Jewelry Makers to the Region (New Merchant?)
Enigmatic Tales 200 High Priest / Magister Clear Ghost Stone
Clear Hilltop Trail
  • Each Cathedral in the Kingdom grants +3 Divine, each Magical Academy provides +3 Arcane.
Varnhold Bread and Circuses 400 Councilor / Regent / Treasurer Complete Roc's Egg
  • Any building in the town of Varnhold that provides a bonus to Community or Loyalty also provides +1 to Economy.
Guard Headquarters 350 Warden Stability rank is at least IV
  • For any problem that could be resolved by the Warden in this or any adjacent region, roll 2 checks and pick best result.
  • This counts as a military Upgrade
Dunsward Belly of the Stolen Lands 240 Regent / Councilor Community rank is at least V
Loyalty rank is at least VI
  • +1 Community and Loyalty to for every brewery, granary and windmill in this and all adjacent Regions.
Enforced Border 275 General / Minister ?
  • ?
Tors of Levenies Mountain Resort 600 Regent Culture rank is at least V
  • No special effects.
Daemonic Cult
  • Any Evil Kingdom Alignment
  • Sprinkle with blood three altars in Vordakai's Tomb and receive Daemonic Blessing
  • Do not release souls of Varnhold citizens in Vordakai's Tomb
  • ?
Dire Narlmarches Silvershield Fortress 200 General / Warden Complete "Restoration of the Silvershield Fortress" project
  • No special effects.
  • Prerequisite for "Restoration of the Road of Shields".
  • This counts as a military Upgrade.
Magic of the Abandoned Keep 300 Magister Pass the Knowledge (Arcane) check in the secret study of Abandoned Keep and activate the friendly golem.
  • +2 Arcane to Academies of magic and + 1 Arcane to Mage Tower within the kingdom
Glenebon Gorum's Holy Place 500 Grand Diplomat / High Priest There's a counter related to this, a few known points:
  • Pass the intimidate check against Zorek (boasting first or not).
  • Choose Dugath to lead the Tiger Lords at the tomb.
  • Military Academies provide +2 Divine; Cathedrals provide +2 to Military; the Arenas and Temples of Gorum each provide +1 to Military and Divine.
  • All events that could be solved by the General or High Priest in this and adjacent regions roll 2 checks for resolution and pick best result.
  • +4 sacred bonus to damage.
Training Grounds 450 Warden / General / Minister Military rank is at least VII
Espionage rank is at least IV
  • This Region Military, Stability and Espionage scores increase by 2 for each other Region with Military upgrades.
Pitax In the Name of Art 500 Curator Did not close the Academy of Grand Arts
  • +1 Culture for each Longhouse, +2 Culture for each Town Hall, +3 Culture for each City Hall within the Kingdom.
Daggermark's Rival 400 Grand Diplomat / Minister Espionage rank is at least VII
  • All events that could be resolved by the Minister roll 2 checks and pick the best result.
  • All Minister Opportunities have a +5 bonus.
Capital of Crime -500 Regent / Treasurer Appoint Kharne Vereel as the Governor
  • All crime-related town buildings provide full bonuses, as if you had supported the bandits more than the common folk as Community rank grew.
  • Every 30 days, reduces Community, Stability and Economy by 1 and provides 50 BP – as well as a special project to acquire a powerful random item through the black markets. Only one such project may be active at a time.