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Stolen Land
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Stolen Land is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


We're setting off on our first big adventure! Jamandi Aldori, a Restovic Swordlord, is testing the contenders, weighing who shall be ruler of the Stolen Lands. There's only one way to prove that you're worthy of the title: rid the area of the ravaging bandits and their leader, the bloody cutthroat known only as the Stag Lord. Tremble, ye scoundrels — we are coming!
Go to the Trading Post ? ?
We can find shelter, and get fresh information about the bandits, at the trading post of a certain Oleg Leveton. Let's get there!
Keep track of passing time! ? ?
Jamandi Aldori said that we have no more than three months to conquer the Stolen Lands. That sounds like more than enough, but we should still be mindful of the passing time.
Protect the Trading Post! ? ?
We seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest! The fight at the trading post only made the bandits angry, and soon a whole gang will be here! Jamandi Aldori made it clear that keeping this trading post safe is one of the conditions for receiving the baron's title. So we have to to protect this place and its people, no matter what it takes!
Get some rest at Oleg's Trading Post ? ?
When the danger was past, we decided to get some rest on the second floor of Oleg's Trading Post. We'll deal with the Stag Lord and his thugs — once we're refreshed and ready.
Set off to Thorn Ford and the bandit camp there ? ?
What a mess! While we were resting at the trading post, our leader suddenly stared into empty space, moving {his/her} lips as if {he/she} were talking to someone! And then {he/she} said {he/she} knows where the bandits who attacked the trading post are camped! We'll never find the Stag Lord's fortress in all this ominous fog that blankets the area. But if we track down this gang, we'll be able to follow their trail. Off we go!
Search for new clues ? ?
The encounter with the bandits led to nothing! We failed to discover where the Stag Lord's fortress might be. But we can still search the camp. Maybe we'll find some clues...
Examine the old hut that the Stag Lord is interested in ? ?
Now we know the location of an old hut that the Stag Lord wanted destroyed for some reason. We're going there to find a way to fight the enchanted fog.
Uncover the mystery of the ancient Temple of the Elk ? ?
We looked into the past of the Stag Lord, and his cruel druid father. After talking to {his/her} invisible advisor, our leader has made a decision. It's time to move on! The ancient Temple of the Elk awaits us — where we shall face the source of that ominous fog.
Defeat the carnivorous beasts at the Temple of the Elk ? ?
Tristian, a priest we met at the Temple of the Elk, confirmed our worst fears! The fog was summoned by evil magic, and it cannot be cleared away until all the evil beasts that fill the temple are defeated. Well, fighting these dangerous beasts is a worthy task for us! We can handle them — and then we'll go talk to that priest again.
Talk to Jhod about our adventures in the Temple of the Elk ? ?
Now that the Temple of the Elk is cleared out, we can return to the trading post, catch up on the news and discuss our future plans. And, of course, tell Jhod what happened in the Temple!
Defeat the Stag Lord ? ?
Finally it's time to perform the feat that we're here for! Attack! Assault the Stag Lord's fortress! The fate of the Stolen Lands hangs in the balance.
  • The wild owlbear, caught by the bandits, is no longer a threat to us.
  • We persuaded Akiros Insmort to join our side!
  • Two bandit commanders — Auchs and Dovan — are a threat to us no longer.
Share the joyous news with Oleg! ? ?
The Stag Lord is defeated! His iron hand rules the Stolen Lands no longer. Quickly, let's get to the trading post, and share the good news with Oleg!
  • Maybe we should find Nugrah the druid — the insane father of the Stag Lord.
Tell Jamandi Aldori about your victory over the Stag Lord. ? ?
It's time to claim our rightful reward! Oleg's prepared everything we need to travel to Restov. We just need to take care of any unfinished business here and tell him we're ready!
  • We should talk to Jhod about our findings at the Temple of the Elk before we depart for Restov.
  • We should talk to Kesten about Tartuccio before we depart for Restov.
The Stag Lord, that bloodthirsty bandit, who had seized power over the Stolen Lands, is finally defeated. The road to a new barony is open before us!

Follow the visions![]

  • Jhod, Erastil's priest, told us of a vision that directed him to the Temple of the Elk. It seems that something really exciting awaits us there!

Wait until the fog clears away[]

  • Our priest friends Jhod and Tristian recommend we wait until the fog clears away. Then we'll finally be ready to set off for the Stag Lord's fortress!

We poisoned the Stag Lord's wine[]

  • Inventiveness is a hero's greatest weapon! We poisoned the Stag Lord's wine at the river camp. That will make it hard for him to fight!

Undiscovered lines:

  • Akiros will fight for us
  • We managed to persuade the first of the Stag Lord's henchmen to leave the bandit ranks and keep out of the battle.
  • Akiros left the Stag Lord
  • Auchs and Dovan are no longer a threat
  • The owlbear is no longer a threat
  • We persuaded Akiros Insmort, the Stag Lord's henchman, to halt his bandit ways and surrender to justice.
  • Akiros surrendered to justice
  • Kressle, the bandit we met at the river camp, came to aid us in our battle against the Stag Lord.
  • Kressle is helping us
  • We lost much time tracking the insidious Tartuccio. The bandits surely had time to disappear and cover their tracks!
  • The first thing we must do is to find the ruins of the temple — either on our own, or with the help of someone who knows the area.
  • Find the Temple of the Elk
  • As I found out the hard way, the enchanted fog slowly melts things — especially paper! While we were chasing Tartuccio, it may have destroyed any clues at the old hut. Will we manage to find anything?
  • Oh, those pesky kobolds and mites! While we were dealing with all their troubles, anything might have happened at the Temple of the Elk!


Keep track of passing time![]

  • You have 90 days to defeat the Stag Lord. Doing things optimally will make you finish in 20-25 days, or faster if you skip several optional locations. Completing the quest within 30 days will give you additional rewards in the end.
  • Notably, the quest will develop differently, depending on what you prioritise to do first: this quest or A Bitter Rival. Generally, it's what you visit first: Ancient Tomb or Thorn Ford, and later Old Sycamore mite/kobold war or Temple of the Elk.

Go to the Trading Post[]

Protect the Trading Post![]

  • Upon arrival at the trading post, Bokken can be seen running away from the trading post. Kressle and her bandits are in the middle of shaking Oleg Leveton down for 'taxes' that he 'owes' the Stag Lord. You are given an array of alignment based responses to handle the bandits:
    1. (Neutral Good), (Lawful Neutral) and no-alignment choice to attack will lead to combat with 3 bandits, Kressle will escape.
    2. (Requires Evil) Leads to no fight, and you shake down Oleg Leveton for 300Coin.png.
  • After dealing with the bandits you will have to prepare for the next attack.
    • By questioning Oleg you can make a (Lawful Good), (Chaotic Neutral) or (Lawful Evil) alignment choice to reveal that he have Alchemist's Fire. You can either request him to give it to you (+12 Alchemist's Fire) or tell him to use it against the bandits. If you don't want to make those alignment choices - he will give the same offer before the assault.
      • Warning: if during the dialogue you pick the "I'm going to look around, think on the best way to use the tar and traps." line you will be able to put the traps and tar without the checks, but will miss out on easy experience.
    • Right next to the house entrance there are boxes. When interacting with them Perception DC 15 is required to notice the traps which you can use to damage the bandits.
    • Next to the stables there is a jug of tar. When interacting with it Lore (Nature) DC 10 is required to recognize the tar which you can use to slow down the bandits.
    • If asked for help, Bokken will give you one Potion of Cure Light Wounds. If you asked Oleg about him, then you can attempt a Diplomacy DC 16 to persuade him into actually helping you during a fight.
      • Be careful, he might actually die there on higher difficulties.
  • Unless you used Evil-only dialogue you get 100Coin.png after defeating the bandits.

Get some rest at Oleg's Trading Post[]

Set off to Thorn Ford and the bandit camp there[]

Examine the old hut that the Stag Lord is interested in[]

Uncover the mystery of the ancient Temple of the Elk[]

  • Travel to the Temple of the Elk and defeat the monsters there. Tristian will join your group unless you prioritised doing A Bitter Rival questline first, which will make him available only in the next chapter.
  • After the monsters were defeated the pool in the centre will heal your living characters (not Jaethal).

Talk to Jhod about our adventures in the Temple of the Elk[]

Wait until the fog clears away[]

Defeat the Stag Lord[]

  • Head to the Stag Lord's Fort.
  • If you used Good-only alignment choice with Kressle then she will greet you at the start of the location and propose a direct assault on the Stag Lord. This is not advised, as you will have to fight the Stag Lord in highly unfavourable terms. It is recommended to tell her to wait and start exploring the location.
  • You can get inside the fort in various ways, you can perform them all to maximize experience gained.
    • Mobility DC 20 check at the broken wall. Failure will damage the party.
    • Athletics DC 20 check at the broken wall. Failure will rise the alarm.
    • Bluff 15 (If you met Akiros Insmort in Thorn Ford) or Bluff 21 checks to open the gates.
    • (Lawful Good) when talking to gatekeeper to confront Stag Lord right away (same as Kressle's plan, not recommended)
  • For every group of bandits you fight the last surviving member will flee to rise the alarm, it's recommended to bring them to low health before that.
    • The alarm will cause the Stag Lord to come out of the house and summon his lieutenants to him preventing you from interacting with them beforehand.
  • At the west part of the fort you can find Akiros Insmort, full interaction can be seen in Dialogue (Akiros Insmort)
    • You can convince him to join you with hidden Lore (Religion) DC 25 check, Diplomacy DC 23 check, or Diplomacy DC 18 check (if you met him before)
    • You can cause him to leave will Lawful-only choice, Intimidate DC 18 check, or Intimidate DC 23 check (if you met him before)
    • Failing any of the checks or attacking him directly will lead to combat and rise the alarm.
  • At the middle part of the fort you can find the caged Owlbear.
    • You can calm it down with Lore (Nature) DC 18 check, making it friendly. You can use (Neutral) dialogue option for it to join you during the Stag Lord fight.
    • You can open the gates with (Chaotic Good) dialogue option. If pacified it will run away, otherwise it will attack you.
    • You can lock the gates with Trickery DC 14 check so the owlbear won't get out of the cage at all.
    • You can try to kill it with Stealth DC 19 check, failure will rise the alarm.
  • At the east part of the fort you can meet Dovan From Nisroch and Auchs.
    • After being brought down to low health Dovan From Nisroch will plead for his life. You can finish him off or let him go with (Lawful Evil) alignment choice. Letting him go will reveal a loot stash with Fauchard +1 and Buckler +1.
  • Once all preparations are done you can now safely engage the Stag Lord. After defeating him you get to choose one of the alignment choices: (Chaotic Good), (Lawful Neutral), (Lawful Evil), and (Chaotic Evil).
  • Inside the house you can open the cage and fight Nugrah (leaving him alive will have a very insignificant dialogue change in the last chapter of the game)
  • Another forewarning - from his magical Herbs chest you can loot "Of Transmutations and Bodily Poisons", Part II, which will be used in An Ancient Formula.

Share the joyous news with Oleg![]

  • You can now head back to Oleg's Trading Post to report on your victory.
  • You can now spend some time on finishing the errand quests you have left and exploring the side zones. Just remember that to get additional award from the quest you need to have 60+ days left on the timer. If you failed that already, then it's actually better to explore everything you can as real countdown will start only with the beginning of Chapter II.

Tell Jamandi Aldori about your victory over the Stag Lord.[]

  • Once the player is sure they've done as much exploration as they can or will during this chapter, speak to Oleg to travel back to Restov instantly.