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Strength is an ability score in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

Strength measures a character's physical power. This ability is important for those who engage in hand-to-hand combat, such as fighters, monks, paladins, and some rangers. Strength also determines the maximum amount of weight your character can carry.

If a character's Strength falls to 0, they become too weak to move, and die. Some creatures (such as incorporeal ghosts) do not possess a Strength score and have no modifier at all to Strength-based skills or checks.

Your character's Strength modifier applies to:

  • Melee attack rolls.
  • Athletics and Strength checks (for breaking down doors and the like).
  • Damage rolls when using a melee weapon or thrown weapon, including a sling. Note that off-hand attacks receive only half the character's Strength bonus, while two-handed attacks receive 1.5 times the Strength bonus. A Strength penalty, but not a bonus, applies to attacks made with a bow, unless it's a composite bow."

Your strength score determines your carrying capacity and the carrying capacity you contribute to your party.